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Why do you never see a wide open field of mushrooms?

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Quality Mushrooms

Quality Mushrooms

Ohaupo, Waikato

Quality Mushrooms operate a mushroom farm located on Ranby Road, Ohaupo, producing approximately 6-7.5 tonnes of mushrooms per week. The company started in 1988 with four sheds, and has gone through stages of development.

Quality Mushrooms produce their own compost from a combination of chicken manure, straw and water. Leachwater from the compost is recycled through two underground water tanks prior to reuse on the compost.

Odour emissions from the composting activities are directed through a bio-filter medium. (Consisting of a natural mixture of waste compost and clean bark fibre that neutralises the emission by a biochemical reaction) which was initially constructed in 1991, and was replaced with an improved version in 1996. Quality Mushroom’s usage of the bio-filter medium was the first in relation to mushroom farms in New Zealand. The final compost product is then utilised to grow the mushrooms in 8 separate sheds. All spent compost (approximately 60 m3 per week) is sold to local garden nurseries for mulching and general soil improvement purposes.

Out of the Dark Mushrooms

Out of the Dark Mushrooms

South Auckland, Auckland

At Out of the Dark Mushrooms we grow and distribute exotic mushrooms to many of New Zealand’s finest restaurants. We are located in South Auckland, and specialize in growing Shiitake, Oyster and Enoki mushrooms. We also supply some wholesalers and have now launched a new brand “Exotics By South” which will be available in selected supermarkets from early 2019. Our strategy is simple – grow the best quality product, pick it early each day and deliver it immediately.

Contact details:

Phone 021 255 6340

Email [email protected]

Mercer Mushrooms

Mercer Mushrooms

Mercer, Waikato

On the southern slopes of the Bombay Hills adjacent to the Waikato River, in picturesque Pukekawa, sits the Mercer Mushrooms farm. At Mercer Mushrooms we are renowned for the Bombay Button – which we sustainably grow all year round, pick fresh and deliver daily to your local store. Whether you sauté mushrooms, add them to your cooking or slice them raw into salads we know that you will be creating nothing but the most delicious healthy meals with Mercer Mushrooms.


Contact us

Daniel van Schie
C/- Quality Mushrooms Ltd.
96 Ranby Rd
RD 3
Ohaupo 3883

027 483 0620

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